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1. March 1988, shili winding machine plant establishment, located in Dongfeng Town,zhongshan city,guangdong province,china
2. January 1994 ,our plant enlarge to 6600m2. 
3. February 1994,our plant enlarge to be a company
4. March 2000 ,our company was rated as "Zhongshan corporate and product quality certificate." 
5. May 2002 ,our company was rated as "China is outstanding brand." 
6. September 2003our company was rated as "quality tracking focus on protection products." 
7. February 2004,our company was rated as "quality, prestige double safeguard demonstration copmany (key promotion company)." 
8. May 2004 our company was named "Chinese enterprises outstanding brand promotion." 
9. September 2004,our company was named "AAA grade National quality service reputation company” 
10. September 2004 our company was named "Chinese famous enterprise Association member company."
11. June 2005 our company do the application for the "general taxpayer." 
12. April 2006, our company was named "National Quality Supervision and Testing of qualified - National Quality Trustworthy Products (emphasis propaganda company)." 
13. September 2007,our company was named "China Winder recognized quality Big Ten well-known brands." 
14. July 2008 our company was named "Credible Enterprise." 
15. October 2008 our company was named "China famous brand" 
16. August 2009 our company was named "Guangdong famous brand." 
17 June.2011 our company was named "the fourth consecutive year contract re-credit enterprises in Guangdong Province. 
18. August 2013, Our company bought about 30,000 square meters of land to build a new factory in Sanjiao town zhongshan city.