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Correct motor speed regulation mode of automatic winding machine

Generally speaking, the speed regulation mode of the automatic winding machine is relatively simple,

but in order to let the customer know more clearly what kind of motor to speed up, the following is the

exact speed regulation method of all kinds of motors listed by our engineers.

Automatic winding machine set after the procedure will automatically finish feeding, winding, plastic bags,

dirty process equipment, basically have the function of spindle speed, spindle motor servo drive motor,

DC motor, AC motor speed control mode of these three categories, they are different:

A servo motor automatic winding machine speed: it belongs to precision parts suitable for high precision

winding equipment, supporting the use of special drive to achieve closed-loop control operation, this type

of motor is the biggest characteristic of constant torque, closed-loop operation, to meet the requirements

 of machining high precision coil.

Two, DC motor automatic winding machine control mode: DC motor to supply power into DC power to the

drive motor running, so DC motors are equipped with brushless DC speed control board or the driver to

drive the motor to control the motor, due to small volume in a small winding equipment used in a large


Three, AC motor automatic winding machine speed: this type of motor itself is not the function of speed

 regulation, it needs through the electromagnetic speed regulating device or the installation of the inverter

 to realize the speed control function in the winding equipment in the US is more common inverter control

system, through the winding device to control inverter motor with speed control this function has the

function of energy-saving.

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