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Conventional application technology on NC winding machine

1. winding machine to achieve precision winding, mostly in the middle and low speed to achieve, for

some middle thick line, at low speed start, the spindle must have a larger torque output. The spindle

reversible requires flexible forward and reverse operation in the actual winding, with the different

requirements of customers, may adjust the spindle rotation direction all the time, to achieve forward or

reverse rotation, and rotation in the direction change, should not have a large reverse clearance and

severe loss of movement.

2., direct digital signal control is used to control the real-time and accuracy. Whether the static and

dynamic characteristics of the servo system of the coiling machine is good or not reflects the superiority

of the servo system. The system resolution ratio is determined by the system stability performance of the

 whole winding machine and the position detection element used.

3. after mechanical transmission, it also requires that the servo system has excellent static and dynamic

 load characteristics, that is, when the servo system changes under different load conditions or winding

 conditions, spindle speed must be kept constant. Because the CNC winding machine has strict technical

 requirements for the servo system, the servo system also has strict requirements for its own dedicated

servo motor.

4., no matter whether the winding machine runs at the lowest speed or the fastest speed, the servo motor

can work steadily and the torque ripple is small, especially when super low speed, it should still have a

steady speed without crawling.

5. the servo motor should be able to withstand frequent starting, braking and reversing. The servo motor

should have a large overload capacity for a long time to meet the requirements of low speed and large

torque. The general DC servo motor applied to some special winding machines requires 2~4 times

overload in a few minutes without damage.

6. to meet the requirements of quick response of winding machine control system, servo motor should

have smaller inertia and large torque, and is as small as possible time constant and the starting voltage,

usually has the ability to tolerate bigger acceleration, in order to ensure the servo motor starting from

rest to the rated speed in seconds.

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