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The structure of a new type of transformer

1. radiators

Weld the oil pipe in the vertical direction of the tank wall to install the radiator. The radiator not only

 increases the surface of the heat dissipation, but also promotes the convection of the oil in the tank,

and can bring out the heat more quickly.

2. oil tank

The tank is the shell of a transformer made of steel plate. The upper part of the tank is sealed with a

cover plate and a washer. In addition to the core of the tank and the coil, the transformer oil is also

installed inside the tank. Transformer oil is a good insulating oil. It not only can cool the coil and core,

but also enhance the insulation between the coils and between the coil and the core. In use, it is

necessary to keep the transformer oil clean; because a small amount of impurities and water exist, the

 insulation strength of the transformer oil will be greatly reduced. No oil pillow is installed on the fuel

tank of the power transformer. Because the oil pillow not only increases the height of the variable

pressure, but also will generate a lot of gas inside the tank when the connection between the oil pillow

and the fuel tank is blocked once the transformer fails again, which may cause the explosion of the fuel


Because there is no oil pillow, the transformer tank can not be filled with oil, but must leave a certain

space to prepare for the heat expansion of the insulating oil. The box cover surface coating moisture

condensation paint, anti.IL irrigation gas condensed water into the core body, box cover is provided

with a plug and a plug, a thermometer, air vents, in transformer heating, ensure the air escape, also

 with oil. The dry type transformer for mine is a flameproof transformer. The case can withstand 8

 atmospheric pressure tests. The contact surface between the box cover and the box flange meets

the requirements of flameproof. In order to adapt to the advancing of the working face, it often moves.

3. iron core

The iron core of the mine transformer is the same as the power transformer, which is the magnetic

circuit system of the transformer.  The original winding and the auxiliary winding are all set on the iron


In order to reduce the loss of core, the core of the transformer is stacked with 0.35 or 0.5 millimeter

thick silicon steel sheets. Before stacking, the two sides of the steel sheet should be coated with

insulating lacquer and dried to insulate the pieces from the pieces.

Core cutting growth of silicon steel sheet laminated and laminated steel in your, chip, each layer will be

above a row stagger joints, and one of the following lines alternately folded 6 fold side some size

becomes a solid core, the whole piece of the clamp screw or clip, in the winding, the first single core,

above the iron yoke steel three-phase iron core.

4. junction box

The connection box is used for the import and export equipment of the mine transformer. In order to

 strengthen the insulation, the insulating adhesive is usually perfused in the junction box.

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