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Automatic winding machine wiring you do not know the tricks

Xiao Bian recently in writing articles on automatic winding machine, automatic winding machine to actually talking about is a very simple one winding machine, simple winding function can be, but this intermediate There do not know the tricks, oh, tips Xiaobian here to talk about today when wiring.

1, the wiring at the beginning, that is, when designing the electrical box, gas and electricity to the designers will be installed separately, because when the baffle in the exhaust will emit large amounts of water, if long-term, and power together inevitably make electronic components from moisture and various kinds of problems: Rusty broken, poor contact and so on.

2, strong electrical wiring and weaknesses of two slots. Our controller interface signals in the output of automatic winding machines are digital signals, while alternating constantly changing magnetic field produces a medium, if it is mixed with traces a digital signal will be disturbed, resulting in produce loss, delay and so the situation for transmitting data, so we have to consider a good beginning of the wiring, the scope of the planned wiring.

3, the wiring of the thread all the best with cold ends, and then fixed with screws, with cold breaks the line than the line contact surface directly with a screw lock to be large, small gap, it is not easy to loose.

4, the same terminals allow up to pick two of the same type and size of the wires.

5, then a temporary line, a single claim lug folding wire cord once, and then received open space under the mouth; single hardwired To type received open space under the mouth? "."

6,30KW not be bridged between and above the electrical wiring is required to connect the motor and the motor cable outlet wire pads bad conductive properties, such as galvanized nuts, flat pad, spring pad.

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