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Automatic winding machine you will maintain it

The company spent a considerable price to buy back a fully automatic winding machine, but the staff did not care, that it is not feeling very silent, so here we come to learn how to maintain automatic bypass clicks. Winder With the phasing out of the traditional mechanical control winding machine, modern CNC winding machine has been widely used, its high efficiency, low failure rate advantage has been more recognition, automatic winding machine is CNC technology Mechatronics products and technology represented by the traditional electrical manufacturing industries and emerging processing and manufacturing of electrical penetration is formed, its technological range covers many areas of manufacturing, is the key equipment of coil winding. Proper operation and maintenance of automatic winding machine is one of the key factors in the proper use of the winding machine, the correct operation of the winding machine capable of preventing abnormal wear, avoid sudden failure; do routine maintenance, enables the device to maintain good technical condition, delaying the degradation process, to detect and eliminate hidden faults, so as to ensure safe operation.

First, the winding machine in question should pay attention to pay attention to the winding machine environment to improve the life of the winding machine, the general requirements to avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, to avoid too wet, excessive dust or corrosive gases, vibration precision CNC equipment to stay away from large equipment, such as punching, forging equipment. Ensure a good power supply in order to avoid large fluctuations of power (greater than ± 10%) and the possible impact of transient interference signals, winding machines generally use green power (eg, points all the way from the low voltage power distribution room alone for CNC machine tools used) or additional regulator device, etc., can reduce the impact of power quality.

Second, the winding machine equipment maintenance system to establish proper maintenance of the equipment for routine cleaning and lubrication is essential to establish maintenance records can effectively determine and analyze the status of the device, which has targeted preventive maintenance. Full-time staff to operate and maintain maintenance operations personnel to locate, effective regulation can be put in place if routine maintenance, operation whether employees have to rough handling damage to the equipment.

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