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Winder slip fault and heat treatment rings

Winder slip ring is made of a conductive ring with tail brush, brush holder, conductive rod, slip rings and slip ring cover and other member. During the operation of the winding machine, the slip ring through friction can cause heat generation, heat the slip ring has a greater impact on the normal operation of the winding machine, and so we have to approach to the phenomenon of the Society of the slip ring fever, we first look Look slip ring fever causes:

(1) slip ring cooling air flow can not. And slip ring means a fan blade should be precise coaxial orientation, fit the design specifications and rules. Directional blades do not fit standard, on the one hand will cause bearing oscillations, on the other hand will form a slip ring so that the cooling air flow not slip rings and brushes fever.

(2) the presence of slip ring sealed duct blockage or leakage. Slip ring guide inlet orifice must be carefully organize, to prevent fouling, lack of slip ring cooling air flow blockage leads to the formation of the brush and slip ring fever. Maintenance should use compressed air pipe to the hole one by one slip ring finishing. Duct Leakage will form a lack of cooling air flow.

(3) brush quality and protection features. Mixed use brushes or brush box brush cause some heat due to an overcurrent, even blown leads. Without careful grinding, polishing brushes protected when replaced. Void lack electricity card; the gap is too big, and the slip ring does not comply with the touch surface. Brush length cause uneven current spreading uneven heating of the slip ring is more common reasons. Thus requiring regular soot blowing and cleaning the slip ring, measuring the current brush.

(4) The brush box conductor insulation and equalizing stretched spring reasons. Conductive brush box means some fixed and some rooms have insulation pads, and some current through the conductive brush and slip ring through the introduction of the rotor. In operation, the insulation can lead to fouling and toner dropped or turned on, each wiper resistance spread unevenly cause some fever. Brush box equalizing stretched spring using a certain time, will show uneven pressure, deformation, cracks, loose brush box springs and other conditions form an overcurrent fever.

(5) The slip ring is not round or look rough lead to conflict fever. Turning slip ring slip ring formed overhaul is not round or look rough, easily lead to conflict fever.

(6) bearing oscillation brushes cause fever. Brush along bearing oscillation, resulting in the brush touch the surface uneven conflict, lead and stretched spring loose, attack part sparkle, further aggravating the brush fever.

Understanding the causes of fever slip ring, let's look at how we want to deal with the slip ring fever:

(1) slip ring coaxial lack of cooling air flow approach. Add cooled ventilation adopt measures, such as an external device axial fan cooling. Brushes or slip rings capable of launching high temperature turbine strengthen the appearance of heat exchange, the cooling effect of ambition. Regular use of dry, clean compressed air to blow dust and slip rings accumulated powder, eradicate dust cover slip ring, after stopping to view and clear the slip ring holes, view and organize inlet filter.

(2) progress brush to protect the quality, timely elimination of the use of fever disadvantage as manufacturers original brush and brush box. Brush in the brush holder should calm down the activities, brush and brush holder gap should be 0.1 ~ 0.2mm, the brush should be no bounce, swing or JAM condition; grinding brush bright and free of impurities, stretched spring clamping force should be adjusted to 11 ~ 12N, the pressing force is too small to be replaced with a new brush or adjust the pressure, the slip ring surface temperature should not exceed 120 . In addition, when two-thirds of the height of the brush rubbed off or touch bad, it should be replaced. Brush holder should be no fouling, the slide ring outer oxide film is too thick or the appearance of rough not smooth, the finest polished using emery cloth or cloth, emery cloth polish rough stop.

Winder slip ring heating phenomenon when running attack, a serious threat to the safe operation of the winding machine, therefore, to collector rings and brushes surveillance, protection and timely processing of the onset of illnesses and injury, is to ensure Winder long-term stable operation of a vital job. Prevent the heating key is still prevention, hope you pay attention to.

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