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Semi-automatic winding machine spindle gear motor which application?

Semi-automatic winding machine device applications due particularity, thread processing equipment typically use high-speed direct drive AC motor, bold line equipment needs to meet the requirements of large torque Winder, geared motors generally used as a spindle motor, cycloid reducer is Winding device most widely used, mainly explain the following basic principles and applications of cycloid reducer.

Let me talk about its structure and principle, cycloid all gearing can be divided into three parts: input part, slow down some of the output section. When the week when the input shaft with eccentric rotation, due to the characteristics of the cycloid tooth profile of its needle teeth on gear restrictions needle so that, cycloidal motion revolution have become both the rotation of plane movement, When the input shaft forward week, the eccentric rotation also the week cycloid turned in the opposite direction in order to get a tooth slowdown, the low-speed rotation of the cycloid movement through the pin, transmitted to the output shaft, resulting in lower output Rotating speed.

Secondly, to talk about its features: a large reduction ratio, high efficiency, smooth operation, low noise: in operation at the same time for a few more teeth in contact, coincidence degree, smooth operation, overload, low vibration and noise, a variety of noise models; the use of reliable, long life: because the main components is the use of high-carbon steel quenching treatment (HRC58-62), and then grinding together and cycloid needle teeth and sets of teeth meshing teeth are formed is transmitted to the needle rolling attrition, friction coefficient is small, so that no relative sliding engagement area, wear minimal, so durable.

In the semi-automatic winding machine, there are other types of gear motor spindle applications, not one article explained, the above structure can allow the user to understand parts of the winding device.

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