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Changes frequently part of a ring Winder life

Ring Winder simply means that for the production of wound toroidal transformer and toroidal coil winding machines. Inevitably encounter in the course of parts

Damage caused by a machine malfunction, continue to work hard, then the needs of enterprises with good easy damaged parts, to prevent the winding machine due to failure to stop working and guide

Induced losses. So what is the need for frequent replacement of parts of it?

Toroid winding machines need regular replacement parts:

1, belts, side-slip, etc. other consumable parts;

2, clamp the wheel, this part of the life of the product and the winding diameter, size, and material-related;

3, reservoir wire loop, also called rims (Shuttle), one of the most important components of the machine head, used to complete the storage line and winding work; its quality directly affects the life, as well as indirect costs winding quality of the product;

4, support wheel, also known as the guide wheel, the number of different head support wheels are not the same, its material and life are directly related.

These are the toroid winding machine used in the process requires frequent replacement of parts, and this is mainly because it is completely different products with the flat winding machine, consumption costs throughout its life cycle is also greatly increased. Once the purchase of the flat winding machine, generally produce different system with the cost of production, but after it purchased, according to the production of products of diameter, the size of the different needs of different storage line to replace the ring and support wheels, because the copper wire from the reservoir side always ring Slide (skin side slip and slide type), storage loops uneven force, to be replaced after a certain time line storage ring and the support wheels in order to continue production! Of course, the added value of toroidal coil is much higher than the flat wound, can afford these costs.

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