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Design requirements and function of each part of the automatic winding machine

Automatic winding machine Although the structure forms, but meaning the same deformation, the basic principle is the same.

Winding skeleton winding mechanism drives the rotation in the manner prescribed, the magnet wire wound around the bobbin winding. At the same time the position of magnet wire to wire from the discharge line agencies to determine and ensure the position to the line by the control unit in accordance with a certain way of changing. Thus, in accordance with certain rules magnet wire is wound into a coil on the skeleton. Throughout the process the individual movements are controlled by computer, whether it is the speed of the motor or cable institutions are to undergo a computer to calculate the position of the line winding mechanism, by precise control of various control methods. (1) In order to achieve good winding function, the various parts of a variety of automatic winding machine all have different requirements. For the winding machine, the most important thing is winding motor. Most automatic winding machine selected is a variety of AC motors, AC motor speed because with frequency, voltage and other means to control, and the control method is simple maturity. For the production of different windings on the speed requirements are not the same, so it requires a different AC motors. When large-scale production of the winding, because the big bulky weight to choose a motor torque to drive. And because production is generally used in large magnet wire windings fairly thick, can withstand the Rally, it can withstand high speed. So you can choose a relatively high speed motor generally can be up to 5000-v10000 rev / min, so you can maximize productivity.

Conversely, if the production of small, micro-motor winding, due to the small size and light weight you can choose a relatively small motor torque. And this winding magnet wire used is generally relatively thin, can not withstand the pull of little use excessive speed, it should be used in low-speed motor.

(2) cable mechanism design will directly affect the performance of the winding machine, winding machine for different purposes should also use a different cable institutions. For cable institutions must do the following: every time the winding start automatically restored to the starting line to the correct location; in the discharge line must be able to travel back and forth at a predetermined speed changing to line position, in some when it should be able to quickly change the speed and direction of travel, in order to perform different actions cable; when you cut off the magnet wire and other unforeseen circumstances insufficient to stop working, can be adjusted by hand to the position before the accident appears to continue cable, and You can still follow established rules to complete the remaining part of the winding work. Cable is the key to the whole production, related to the quality of winding. So in addition to completing these basic work, it also requires cable mechanism has some precision, to ensure the quality and performance of the windings. Higher accuracy finer generally smaller magnet wire winding requirements, in general, to reach at least the accuracy of less than or close to the diameter of the magnet wire to meet the requirements.

(3) electric control part of the brain the whole winding machine, wire and cable to complete the work of coordination. Control of the winding mechanism comprising: initiating control, operational control, emergency stop, slow braking.

Otherwise it will not be too fast to pull off the magnet wire start, nor too slow to affect the winding speed. This requires that the electronic control portion may make a suitable motor slow start acceleration according to different requirements. After the smooth operation of the electronic control section to have a certain anti-interference ability, when the power supply voltage fluctuations when certain extent to maintain the smooth operation of the motor. Also should the motor overcurrent, overheating and other protection to ensure the safety of the system stable operation. When unforeseen circumstances require immediate shutdown when the electronic control part should be able to terminate immediately all the action, and the state of the record stop time in order to resume work. While controlling the winding section of the winding turns must statistics, when after reaching a predetermined number of turns should slow stop.

Automatic winding machine for each part of the design requirements are different, but all the important function determines the entire winding machine, complete the normal operation of the winding machine.

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