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Automatic winding machine control system for urgent needs

With automatic winding machine factory in the electronic universal application, has gradually unable to meet the automatic winding machine "ambition", began to penetrate in the other sectors. But the industry's requirement specifications vary, therefore, a precision winding control system is indispensable.

1, the overall design of the winding machine control program

Mechanical structure (1) Winder

Automatic winding machine by the discharge line agencies, institutions and cable winding mechanism is composed of three parts. In the process, as long as the cable winding motor and the motor cable to maintain a constant speed ratio can be achieved and other pitch winding.

(2) coiling tension control scheme

Control system, the primary regulator for the tension regulator, the primary regulator accepts tension setpoint signal; the speed regulator to keep the linear velocity constant current regulator to ensure the stability of the motor when the spindle is rotated. Two sub-circuit in the winding process just play the role of coarse, while the main circuit is fine tune for winding tension. When the tension is higher or lower than the set value, the regulator regulating signal occurs, the correction winding system of a given value, and constantly correct tension, to maintain a constant tension during winding.

(3) winding control program

After the primary regulator for the position regulator to ensure that each winding to achieve the desired position, then passed to the vector regulator, to reach a certain position can walk to the opposite position. Throughout the process, to ensure that the rail screw walking speed constant. By speed regulator to ensure that the speed remained stable.

2, Winder Control System Design

The design of the control system, involved in the operation of the main equipment components servo motors, Drives, AC induction motors, PLC. Wherein the servo motors and AC induction motor for adjustment of the various control aspects; inverter control parameters can be adjusted for significant adjustment; PLC as the core controller eventually winding control system.

3, simulation system

To examine the design of the system reliability, accuracy and stability, where the use of MATLAB language to achieve simulation to determine the reliability of the system, verify the accuracy of the design done.

(1) Constant tension simulation

Because of this constant tension control system is complex and difficult to obtain accurate mathematical model of the controlled object parameters vary widely, so a correction can be satisfied with PID control effect. You can know by the above analysis, the control winding tension is actually a speed tracker, under which the system will be simulated.

Simulation (2) the winding of the servo system

Winding system is mainly controlled by a servo motor, and back and forth movement is controlled by the position, therefore, where the main loop of the step of the test position. Above to introduce the composition and working principle Winder mechanical structure. To achieve automatic winding wire, the design of the control system hardware and software control systems. The hardware consists of an analog signal acquisition module to handle tension tension sensor input, the programmable logic controller to the analog signals module operations and calculations, the analog output to the speed, the drive can be achieved on motor speed control, in order to achieve high-precision wire winding. Winding servo system and make changes to adapt to constantly correct parameters of the controller, controls the speed loop ideal model to follow, so that the position loop output to achieve the desired effect, high precision winding.

Design of a high precision winding control system, can solve the problem of automatic winding machine controller parameters, thus promoting the development of automatic winding machine industry in many fields.

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