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The application of various types of motor in the Winding machine

           More and more types of modern of the winding machine, performance and application of its components are also rising, the spindle motor is the core components of the winding machine} {one of the motor stability and durability, directly affect the overall performance will be winding machine, development of DC motor drive technology development the main shaft of the motor winding machine application of high precision servo motor,brush less motor, high speed, high power inverter motor, greatly enhance the modern winding machine performance and use of the field.

           First of all we say the most extensive use of AC asynchronous motor, characteristic of this kind of motor is cheap, mature technology, motor type is most common in the winding machine spindle motor, from the traditional{NC winding machine} to automatic winding machine and {transformer winding machine} are application off requency conversion technology, the early time is not universal generally use electromagnetic adjustable speed motor to realize the regulating winding machine speed, positive inversion is generally a contactor circuit to achieve, modern winding machines are used in inverter control circuit, so does not require cumbersome to realize the function, with the use of variable frequency motor can to achieve speed, braking, the positive and negative function to the winding, the current large winding machine is the main type of AC asynchronous motor.

          Then we talk about the stepper motor, this motor in the medical device, a lot of food machinery can often be seen, in the course of winding machine is also it plays an important role, is the main characteristics of accurate positioning, strong control   ability, small volume and so on, this kind of motor winding machine is mainly used in the the winding mechanism, the location of the mobile device, a winding machine line effect determines the performance of winding machine, so, can say the stepper motor accuracy determines the winding machine winding displacement precision, importance in other position of the mobile device is the same, for example the auxiliary mould unloading control step walk into motor accurately, the error value requirements are generally less than 10S, is frequently used at present are 57BYG, 86BYG this kind of stepping motor.

           Servo motor surely we must not unfamiliar, it is a kind of motor with high precision, closed-loop control and other excellent properties, this kind of motor with high precision encoder, can realize accurate positioning, fast start and stop by a special controller parameters, can be on the torque, rotation angle of a line column control, is a representative high performance of the motor current in the winding machine, can be used in the spindle motor,can also be used in winding motor, spindle motor as it can make the coiling machine parking position more precision, meet the cross slot winding process requirements, and can control the output torque, can make the coil winding more docile, as cable motor, it is currently the precision winding machine of choice, with closed loop control function in the processing of thin, can move more accurate, meet the requirement of thin wire cable.

         The development of science and technology to drive the high-speed development of electrical equipment and other industries, so that the original is difficult to realize the function become simple, so that all walks of life are advancing to higher levels of.


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