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Do you have a right use of pneumatic tapping machine?

Pneumatic tapping machine have cheap,about  thousands RMB, also have expensive,about tens of thousands RMB, many users do not pay attention to the use of the machine, a problem with the first reaction is to the poor quality of machine, or without using this brand of machine, is not a brand.But never speak of from their own reasons, on the other hand, is a machine quality is the crucial factor, but without the use of the positive solution tapping machine, quality again good tapping machine will be short-lived.TAIYI tapping machine now warn broad customer, you must be in use before or after use must understand the machine maintenance.Attention:

A. Before use, please check whether there is any abnormal on tools, air pressure is normal, gas pipelines winding;

B. The intake pipe must be in 3/8 or more than 10 mm, set the air pressure is 6-8 kg, or tools signs or directory on the nominal value;
C.Adjust the drip speed of air three pieces for 2-4 drops p

er minute, if drip fast tool side will change due to exhaust the oil too much wet;
D.Check the oil every day standard, the amount of oil in the oily and drip speed;
E. Please use the pneumatic tools for oil (viscosity 30 or so), CASROLQWS.SHELLTELTUS32 BPENERGOLHLP32, or equivalent;

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