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Winding machine spindle system setup and maintenance

Winding machine,When is was winding, the winding speed requirement is higher.Especially the spindle speed setting, but also a top priority.

Operating frequency is the main spindle speed setting parameter, followed by the main shaft torque setting, winding equipment belongs to the load characteristic of type change, has a high requirement on the main shaft torque, especially the torque output device at start up, directly affect the equipment can drive the biggest load.Thus, to give full play to the role of the main shaft, to reasonably set correctly and the parameters of the spindle speed related.< a href = coiling machine spindle "SRC =" http://www.zsrxj.com/upload/image/QQ20120929211021.png "border =" 0 "height =" 266 "width =" 470 "/ > at the same time, because of all the electrical equipment, coiling machine is a sophisticated equipment, the normal operation of the it must rely on the system of harmonious and unified coordination, any parts problems will make the equipment can't normal winding coil. The following simple analysis of the spindle system common fault and its reason.

A. Due to the load caused by the winding spindle system failure.These failures, the main reason is because the user long-term use of heavy load, may cause the failure of the electrical system, mechanical system, so suggest the customers remember when processing operation shall not exceed the use range of equipment.

B.The spindle system failure caused by mechanical transmission parts.Mechanical winding machine is the operation of the main parts, in the daily production in use process, winding machinery parts would have been in wear condition, main shaft bearing in the system, transmission gear, belt these easy to wear and tear parts are the cause of the failure may occur.So in production at the same time, more should be the important part of maintenance work.
C.Winding machine cooperation between overall system problems caused by the fault.In my company in the production of automatic winding machine, the control of the whole system is harmonious and unified, if a link went wrong, also can make the main shaft system malfunction.

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