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Old | Winder | transformation

Some customers buy the winding machine before  the development of technology, now has automatic winding machine, semi automatic winding machine,you can do some transformation.

Re-winder is mainly used in the manufacture of motors, electrical winder, is an important motor production tooling equipment. Many old Winder exist on the use of functional defects, such as: Calculate the number of turns are not allowed; rejection reel line; spindle no soft start and soft stop, no constant tension control mechanism.

Laps allowed transition

Old Winder with mechanical tachometer counter, driving accuracy is low, relatively backward, there is no preset count, can only rely on manual methods to control parking, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the count because the count is not accurate, the reason becomes easy into error. When the coil is turned around more, especially less turns, multi-filar coil, the number of turns around a turn, occur embedded trough full rate is too high, and not embedded into the next tank equal, it does not matter more how small or very important parameters around the wound and will directly affect the performance of the motor.

Winder Unwinding  lines

Simple wire frame lines parallel to the ground to use the old-fashioned way of disk location, single or multiple phone penetration IML stick on the web disk shelves. When the number of winding turns to the future in mind. At that moment the spindle winder line mode, down from the rated speed to zero. Because of the inertia reel is not immediately extinguished, the bank continued to rattle the release, if the line is full reel, multi-line easy visual release outlet plate, or even wrapped around an iron bar fixed disk will pull the thread, pull off, strict quality control the impact of the motor winding road network, but also affect efficiency.

Winder no soft start and soft stop old winder no soft start, when to start winding winding machine, spindle drive line died instantly from zero speed to rated speed, unbuffered, used to move to cushion the effect is not good . Because of the inertia reel, thin, easy to pull wire, winding resistance increases, resulting in performance or increase the motor temperature drops, and wire insulation has some damage, motor voltage, excessive impact will cause the motor to turn insulation breakdown. No soft stop, the spindle from the rated speed instantaneously reduced to zero, due to the inertia of the line model, it will produce a set of anti-torque main spindle and gearbox have a lot of damage.

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