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Every function of coil winding machine

A primary coil winding machine parts, each of the function of each component is different, is indispensable, because a lot of people is the feature of a winding machine is not very clear, we often hear some telephone counseling, below, we help organizations clear up some advice:

The function of the coil winding machine, the component part of for your reference!

Start winding device(1) winding machine

Rolling roller rotate in a support role. Driven by the rotation of the spindle motor oil back and forth. Pulled by magnet lock bars installed in main shaft sheave, friction plate, stand there. When plug in Geneva wheel, by passive resistance moment, through the rotary nut to adjust the size of the compression spring, also can pull from the latch concave by electromagnet pulley groove resistance moment of friction disc spindle rotation through the inversion of the spindle rotating electric motor oil produce negative resistance torque, spindle of so-called passive rotation is in the process of feeding material feeding or winding or winding must show with foil tension is small, to promote the detection of partial thick stick. When the drum diameter by friction braking is smaller, the larger the diameter of the drum motor oil depends on the reverse braking. Determine the size of the roll diameter measurement marks the pendulum is determined by the volume. If the power plug electromagnetic or mechanical failure pulley pull don't come out, turn the engine oil at the same time, makes the tension is too large, it is not normal. 

Lead feeding device (2) the circular coil winding machine

Foil by its local thick roll and roller, wipe the mat feed roller (tension roller). Thick part of the detection lever swinging hang lever can be in the second line. Left by wire rod end slide valve detuning, when due to link weight prolapse and push silky left link spring breeze action left to the right test foil away from the rod, and then pull the coarse part of the cylinder volume device and roll, aluminum foil test bar has been moved to the left, until it reaches an equilibrium position, if left to push the offset part of the coarse uncoiling device drive control cylinder aluminum foil and aluminum foil detection lever switch valve core rights push in the new equilibrium position of the right end, valve has been adjusted offset in the critical state. Detection rod can be adjusted to ensure that the bar around move the foil on the edge of the left line roller moment to ensure that the thin foil in the offset range in the second line.

If part of the action failed transfer:

Offline or out of the drum

(A) or replace the first slide wire wire fastening and one end of the tightening and twitch of the wire, and then the other, and through the case, hydraulic cylinder oil critical state, may tighten the screw.
(B) in the free state detection pole (for example, missed detection foil rods) adjust bias on the right side of the cylinder will flip device, which left local slide valve position, the left should loosen the screw connection of wires connecting spool to pull to the right, so that the cylinder can return and the screw under the critical condition.
(C) coil winding machine tension device
It is controlled by a hydraulic motor segments of polyurethane rubber roller and eccentric mechanism drive.A pair of piston cylinder roller spindle rotation.The ends of the spindle is equipped with a pair of eccentric, can drive roller lift and stress, when the two roller foil, turned to foil can send forward or backward, if the work is in tension winding, rubber roller back foil tension play a role.Size is the tension to determine by pressure regulating system, per square millimeter in normal tension calculation about 5 n.Park if the wear of the surface of the rubber roller can be up and down roller grinding (car or grinding), to ensure consistent roller diameter and the diameter difference between (should be no more than 0.1) column should not be less than 0.05, 0.06 is wrong.After a lot of grinding to hang plastic (polyurethane) shaw hardness of 90-90.
Trimming parts of the system
(A) coil winding machine
Fine-tuning and partial mismatch detection roller valve control fine-tuning partial cylinder push the rope swing and swing installed on the frame of tension roll clamping foil can be corrected.Through measuring roll bar, will wire transfer principle and coarse bias valve, as local failure and elimination are the same.
(B) winding machine cutting device
Shear stress constantly adjust gap adjusting hob hob docking pressure, shear don't adjust the Angle of relative vertical gear at both ends.
(C) coil winding machine winding machine
Driven by frequency conversion motor spindle rotation of worm and worm wheel dry, plus auxiliary drive spindle motor oil.This kind of oil and engine oil tension roller is communication, when the work of the winding tension of the tension roller pull the foil, then oil in the tension roller in the pump working status, the winding machine oil to recover part of the rotational energy.Because the oil motor winding machine is through the ratchet drive, if electromagnetic valve reverse motor oil must be free, the system pressure was set up.

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