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| Automatic winding machine | Simple Operation Guide

1. Winder line connection: when wire before the finish after using the new wire and the old wire knotted, hand pulled the guide pin and then start.

2. Automatic working condition skeleton staff of the body shall be placed on a feeding trough and tooling in the middle of the area, otherwise dangerous pinch will occur.

3. Confirm the path line porcelain eyes, anti-jumper through the situation before turning the tension the flywheel must be over the line in a circle. Open uninstall open

You can easily turn off the manual clamp must be closed before turning it otherwise would not clamp securely.

4. In the event of a power outage or emergency stop accidental restart again after reset the clamp.

5. Make sure that the electrical and compressed air in place, after manual reset state to start.


6. Check the scope of disconnection: tenser is normal, the path is smooth line, the skeleton is complete, the guide pin level is appropriate, line

Are barrel has run out

7. Skeleton must put in place to ensure that, as happened on the skeleton is not in place to produce material damage, please press the pause button on all bone replacement and confirmation

Frame in place and then press the start button. The need to correct the skew pin skeleton, missing feet shall be placed.

8. Tension adjustment principle is set lower bound feet, when winding high, so as not to break the subsequent soldering. Can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Please hand on the touch line whether a foreign body glitches along the barrel 9. automatic winding machine for line, the first line will interfere with the line, causing breakage.

10. Reservation button after very skilled in the use of automatic button must ensure that each cycle has sufficient time and complete the skeleton display Grip. This is recommended not to use two buttons.

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