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The difference between the winding machine of a transformer and the other winding machine

Winding machine can work correctly plays a key role in transformer winding machine is different from

the other winding machine is special equipment operation, the production process of transformer

determines the frequent starting equipment and constant torque for general transformer winding machine

parameters setting: local feature set is a commonly used parameter which is mainly control equipment

start-up and stop running slow, the soft start and stop buffer, the correct configuration allows workers to

operate at the start of a winding machine to pull the process, when the device with buffer to parking

parking more accurate; circle number is set according to the number of ring equipment needed to run the

production process, it is divided into the total number of coils and corresponding to each step of the laps,

setting should pay attention to the total ring The sum of each step is equal to the number of turns; speed

control device for running speed, speed setting need to decide according to the production technology and

the actual condition of the winding, too fast and too slow is not conducive to the coil forming, fast operation

will not be conducive to the control of the operator, vibration and noise and equipment too low, the

operation will greatly influence the production capacity of the equipment and efficiency, the output torque

will also affect the equipment spindle; with the progress of science and technology in general automatic

winding machine using what environment is not demanding, though because the automatic winding

machine contains a large number of electronic components are most afraid of direct sunlight is also afraid

of damp and dust, vibration etc. These can make the electronic components from corrosion deterioration,

or cause a short circuit between the components caused by abnormal operation of the winding machine

 In general, we should pay attention to the installation of the machine. For users, it is mainly about the

protection of the surrounding environment. For example, when it rains, we must pay attention not to bring

the umbrella to the production site, keep the production site clean.

Step by step sequence function is used to control the equipment operation order, it is generally determined

according to the production process, forming a coil winding is not only winding enameled wire, there are

many other steps such as wrapping layer, insulating cloth and so on, so the correct set order will effectively

 play the function of fractional efficiency of equipment.

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