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Why do we have to carry out the overspeed experiment on the automatic winding machine?

Our automatic winding machine has a process in the inspection process, that is, to speed up the

automatic winding machine. The experiment is to increase the speed of our automatic winding machine

 to more than 120% of the rated speed. The purpose is to check the installation quality of the winding

machine, test the mechanical strength of the rotor parts subjected to centrifugal force and the mechanical

strength of the bearing when it is speeding.

The overspeed operation of the automatic winding machine can also improve the frequency of the power

 supply voltage of the test winding machine, or drag the wire winding machine with the auxiliary winding

machine to increase the speed of the winding machine. In addition, the method of improving the power

supply and voltage frequency of the automatic winding machine is to use the silicon controlled frequency

conversion device - frequency conversion power. The way to improve the speed is to reduce the excitation

 current or to increase the armature end voltage.

But the increase of the end voltage is less than 130% of the rated voltage, and the decrease of the

excitation current will make the speed rise steadily. It is required for all automatic winding machines - it

can support 2min at high speed.

Without deformation, such a fully automatic winding machine is qualified. When you buy the full automatic

winding machine, you may know the experiment to the manufacturer, see if the manufacturer has done it.

When we are doing the overspeed test, we suggest that the measurement of the speed is best used for a

long distance tachometer.

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