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A tutorial on the operation of the CNC winding machine

The operation of using CNC winding machine to input money must be input according to the correct way

of operation. Here is a detailed tutorial about the CNC winding machine input operation course.

CNC winding machine in the standby mode, press [set] [] step input stage sequence display starting

sequence number, up around the point light display, data from around the point position, press the number

 keys and [input] to change the setting, this set failed to determine winding point the exact location, so

click hop "or" back section] to teach us type position setting, cable rod with mobile at this time, pulled a

 enameled wire in the cable guide plate, can help determine whether to have cable plate around the point

 position, such as "play around the point the exact position, according to the data input display width [after]

 display, to edit width, width can be used in addition to the number keys and [input] to change settings,

can also press [] or [hop back] section to teach us type position setting, cable rod with mobile at this time,

 the controller will be the current position Ge and around the point of operation, the width, and

automatically determine the direction of cable. After "input", the data display displays the line diameter,

 continues to edit the line diameter, and then circulate to the back data item.

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