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Troubleshooting method about common fault of winding machine

The troubleshooting of winding machine is also required for the quality of the users of the winding

machine. It is necessary for the relevant personnel to have some professional knowledge and related

experience so as to eliminate failure and resume production in a timely and effective manner.

1. Failure caused by a mechanical system

Around the configuration line machine have very precise mechanical parts, the spindle drive system and

cable displacement system is prone to malfunction, failure caused by mechanical parts usually there will

be some representation in the operation process of the equipment, such as temperature, vibration, noise,

smell, or lack of lubrication, the main investigation displacement, pitch adjustment, component damage

etc., the suspicious part can be repaired.

Two, the fault caused by the electrical system

The mechanical parts of precision winding machine is not working properly, also need the electrical

components as a powerful control unit, to meet a variety of winding process, maintenance of electrical

components to a certain degree of expertise, starting point of failure investigation gradually from the

periphery, usually the system consists of signal input, signal processing the sensing signal output, and

 other components, these components have some relevance, using the method of linear prosecution

would be relatively easy to find the point of failure.

Whether the mechanical system or the electrical system of the winding machine has a full understanding

 and understanding of them, the failure of the equipment can be effectively solved.

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