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What are the advantages of a digital winding machine

The digital winding machine is a series of digitally programmable high-speed winding machines. It has

four kinds of single axis, double shaft, shaft and axle. The maximum speed can reach 6000 rpm, which

 is a high efficiency production equipment. It has the following advantages:

Using the microcomputer controller, the data set is easy.

The step-by-step motor is driven by a constant current circuit, and the line speed is fast and the precision

 is high.

The position of the starting point can be taught and the position of the current line shaft can be displayed.

With the guide pin type line head, the line is neat and accurate.

The over wire guide wheel adopts the ceramic guide wheel, which is resistant to high temperature and

does not harm the enameled wire.

The positive multi axis synchronous winding line has high production benefit.

With a foot switch device, the production operation is fast and convenient.

It can set up the winding point, width, line distance, speed and so on, so as to reach the purpose of multi

section and multi speed.

999 steps can be set and the set value can be stored for more than a year.

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