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Features of a fully automatic loop winding machine

Ring automatic winding machine is a new ring automatic winding machine, the feed, line, winding wire,

to output to achieve full automation, wire, wire winding and the electric control principle of advanced

(PLC+ touch screen), has a unique advantage of other similar products can not be replaced by making it

 in the aspect of minisized coil winding.

The magnetic loop coil processed by this machine is applied to the network filter, the various inductors,

the patch inductor IC, the electronic transformer and so on.

1, automatic feeding and automatic feeder with adjustable feeding device, ensure the automatic feeding

of the magnetic ring;

2. The winding line is fine: the diameter of the winding line is 0.02~0.50mm;

3, the magnetic ring is small: the outer diameter of the magnetic ring is 2.5~40mm, the inner diameter of

the magnetic ring is not less than 1.0mm, and the thickness of the magnetic ring is not less than 0.8mm.

4, mature controller: the use of advanced PLC programmable controller, at the same time ensure the

safety of the machine, the stability of the operation;

5, man-machine interface: we use the LCD touch screen, can be easily programmed according to different

 magnetic rings, different winding way, convenient for production and debugging.

6, loop coil number of magnetic loop: This machine uses optical fiber induction counter, so that the number

of loops around the line is accurate

7, line mode: the machine uses a precise step motor and its driver to ensure the quality of the distribution

of the coil arrangement.

8, the way of winding: according to the requirements of different magnetic loop coils, there are various

ways of winding, such as single winding, winding, mixed winding, fixed angle winding and so on, to meet

the requirements of different products.

9, high efficiency: a equipment can basically replace the labor of 10 employees;

10, high capacity: according to the outer diameter 20mm, diameter 14mm, thickness 5mm ring, enamelled

wire wound 1 0.10mm, around 1999 laps per hour calculation capacity is about 60pcs, calculated according

 to 20 hours of work every day, Nissan 1200pcs, calculated according to 25 days per month, monthly

production capacity of about 30000pcs

(the machine uses full import of high rigid material, 24 hours of continuous operation);

11, the power consumption is small: the power consumption of the whole machine is not more than 750W;

12, environmental protection type: production noise is small, no pollution of the environment.

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