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Iron core function of iron core transformer with automatic wrapping machine

Our automatic glue wrapping machine is suitable for transformer of package electronics. It can wrap

high core transformer such as core transformer, magnetic core transformer and transformer wire

package. So whats the function of using the core of the automatic wrapping machine to wrap the core


This is because the sheet iron core can reduce another kind of iron loss, "eddy current loss". When the

transformer works, there is an alternating current in the coil, and the flux produced by the coil is of

 course alternating. The flux of this change produces an induction current in the iron core. The induction

current produced in the iron core is flowing in the inner ring of the plane perpendicular to the flux

direction, so called the eddy current. Eddy current loss also makes the core hot. In order to reduce the

 eddy current loss with each other, the core of the transformer insulation of silicon steel lamination, the

 eddy current in an elongated loop, the smaller section, in order to increase the resistance of eddy

current pathway; at the same time, the material of silicon in silicon resistivity increases, also to reduce

eddy current effect.

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