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Automatic winding machine fault occur

Xiao Bian contact with automatic winding Winder this industry for some time, in the structure and the work of the above automatic winding machine also took some effort to get to know and learn. Recently I discovered below some novice friends using the winding machine when more or less will encounter some problems, especially not previously used automatic winding machine factory, the introduction of a new high-end machines, but the factory did not a person would use, and this do, especially out some glitches, when they can not tell people to sell the winding machine manufacturers over it, because it is not their machines, but of operational problems. To successfully solve the problem, then it good to see this dish article, we discuss together.

Quality problems caused by the skeleton and enameled wire

No right to winding process determines whether the normal Winder coiled, an excellent winding process can provide processing efficiency, reducing wire losses, whereas a wrong winding process the winding machine wound coil does not meet the design requirements, winding machine when the job requires the use of wire and skeleton, the use of these materials on the normal operation of the winding machine plays a very important role, inferior wire can cause cable irregular, deformed skeleton will the winding machine spindle when winding rock edge fold line and other issues.

Environmental impact of automatic winding machine

Automatic winding machine is a precision electrical equipment for use of the environment is a certain requirement, moisture, dust, vibration which will affect the normal use of Winder, long-term in this environment, Winder, and normal wear and tear of the components are non-normal; the normal power supply is also very important, winding opportunity arises any abnormal temperature fluctuations in voltage use environment, abnormal overheating and electrical control systems, winding machine controller is a very sophisticated control system , the higher its power requirements, the customer shall be provided with special conditions electrical circuit, the circuit terminal is equipped with regulators.

Winding fault caused the parameter setting issue

To work is inseparable from Winder Winder parameters set correctly, parameter setting error will also make the winding machine is not working properly, the user should pay attention to the combination of product manufacturing process to be set correctly Winder set common winding machine parameters from around the point, the winding width, the total number of turns, from around the slow, stop climbing and so on, winding machine specification has detailed instructions and application examples for user reference for these functions.

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