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Winder require the use of lubricants it?

Winder maintenance requires the use of lubricants, which is a problem a lot of initial contact Winder friends generally will ask to. In order to prevent the metal contact between the inside of the track and other linear guide surface and the rolling elements, to reduce friction and wear, prevent fever and sintering, winding machines and related equipment are to be lubricated. So, when we were on the winding machine lubrication to understand what issues?

1, an effect of lubricating oil is how?

When the film rolling contact surface raceway surface and rolling bodies forming ingredients, but also has a reduced contact stress due to the load generated effects. Manage lubrication, oil film is sufficiently formed to ensure the reliability of the linear guide is very important.

2 different types of Winder how to choose the lubricant?

To give full play to the performance of linear guides, linear guides must be based on the form, load, speed, etc., to choose the right type of lubricant and lubrication method. However, compared with the linear guide rail slide, lubricant minimal dependence, so little to the oil, add the interval is long, it can play to drastically reduce the burden of maintenance and management. In general, linear guide used lubricant can be divided into two kinds of lubricants and lubricating oil.

3, lubricating oil needs often change it?

We know that the lubricant will be aging. Even high-quality grease, the performance will be over run time and aging, must therefore be appropriate to add. Grease filling space because conditions vary, usually six months time, for long-distance reciprocating machinery, recommended three months plus a grease change.

4, after the addition of lubricants, have any effect on the winding machine performance?

Usually after lubrication, motion resistance tends to increase. After discharge excess grease, then run the run 10-20 times back and forth, moving resistance becomes small to stabilize. In addition, the resistance movement into question the use of the General Assembly, but also can reduce the amount of grease filling, but to ensure that the amount of filling does not affect the lubricating properties.

In summary, a good Winder device requires the use of oil, but also need the right maintenance methods in order to play the best working condition.

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