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Semi-automatic winding machine noise Cause Analysis

mechanism and tailstock accessories, components, coil processing equipment in the moving parts are in high-speed running, the device components in the assembly process due to mounting accuracy and methods more causes of, so that the device is running in a non-normal state, long parts production equipment running so some wear, the noise growing equipment, cause there are a lot of noise, this paper analyze our common The noise generated by the motor.

There are semi-automatic winding machine noise of the following two reasons:

First, the noise caused by mechanical reasons

If the motor cooling fan motor housing damage or scratched, motor fixing unstable. In this regard a good deal with some, if I could find the noise source, usually a good deal.

Second, the electrical causes of noise

(1) The carrier frequency is set too low

Semi-automatic winding machines are normally used to adjust the drive spindle speed, the carrier frequency can be appropriately set higher, the carrier frequency modulation to note here is too high, it will cause interference to other equipment.

(2) Motor resonance

Generated by the motor will run at a frequency of mechanical resonance, general inverter has a "hopping" setting, its role is: to set the resonance frequency of the motor when the drive is running this band, skip this section frequencies, avoid motor resonance.

(3) motor with load capacity lower

Sometimes prolonged use of the motor, the motor or bad quality, with a load capacity will be reduced. Here the noise of the motor will be large than normal. In semi-automatic winding machine for the production process, if the noise is too large then there is a certain degree of equipment wear and tear, the long-term to maintain this state of semi-automatic winding machine can cause damage, so we carefully before using the device to check whether normal, good early preventive measures, if the problem can not be solved, please contact the manufacturer for repair.


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