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For more details information about the multi-axis automatic winding machine process

Multi-axis automatic winding machine types can have a lot: six-axis automatic winding machine, automatic winding machine eight to sixteen shaft axis automatic winding machine. Mainly used skeleton coil winding, especially for small relay coils, solenoids, coil skeleton, widely used in common electronic products production line.

1, the winding process

(1) In accordance with the correct way through the winding machine wire twisting mechanism, ultimately gripping member clamped wire thread;

(2) adjust the tension device to keep the desired tension;

(3) the loading and unloading parts cylinder motion by the skeleton into the spindle;

(4) x, y, z axis linkage moving parts to achieve enameled pin on the front end of the skeleton wound;

(5) The gripping member will break the leftward movement of the cylinder wire snapped, after a break in the skeleton pin does not leave lint;

(6) The main drive mechanism brings synchronous drive eight winding shaft is rotated by a servo motor driven, carried out in the framework winding slot;

(7) Flip gripping member rotating cylinder rotation of the thread clamp down, loosen the wire clamp cylinder movement before and after the retreat wire cylinder reciprocating motion from the wire clamp head drained away;

(8) The twister mechanism by a servo motor winding wire, the single strand of wire wound into strands;

(9) three-axis so good twist multi-strand wire wound on the skeleton of the rear end of the pin;

(10) gripping member rotating cylinder back in situ x, y, z moving parts to clamp wire wound around the head, gripping member break the wire snapped to cylinder motion;

(11) loading and unloading parts cylinder movement by cutting, thus completing a wound.

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