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Automatic winding machine "proud" of the eight characteristics

With the advent of the era of science and technology, labor equipment has been gradually from the historical stage, automation equipment began to emerge. Automation equipment for its superior characteristics, not only for manufacturers to save a lot of manpower, but also improve work efficiency, the concern by the majority of manufacturers in the market. Here we will introduce automatic winding machine unparalleled, "the eight performance characteristics;

First, using a wide range

Second, the spindle torque, smooth operation

According to differences in the thickness of the coil diameter, it can facilitate the adjustment of the length of the telescopic arm of the clamp, and the clamp arm angle can also be adjusted by a hydraulic drive.

Third, constant clamping force can be supplied

The axial clamping device by pressing the motor drive high-performance control, spoke to the pressing motor servo geared motors to close, and the axial and radial direction by pressing precision encoder speed feedback, closed-loop control, and therefore control of the pressing force with high precision, linearity and smoothness. Automatic winding machine in addition to a move to limit position limit care functions, but also has the function of automatic identification of obstacles, namely the pressing device discovery process can move with the pressure roller has a potential conflict of objects in advance, and advance to slow down or stop to ensure that the coil from damage, but also to ensure that the equipment and personal safety.

Fourth, the axial and axial clamping means high precision control

Five operating concise, intuitive display

May change according to the size of the wound coil winding agile mode, pressing arm may change according to the coil diameter telescopic agile, fit for a variety of differences in the diameter of the coil winding height differences.

Six preset winding turns

Seven, with perfect care function

Eight, coiled diameter wide scale

High-performance closed-loop vector control inverter control a spindle motor drive, variable speed can be realized between now 0 ~ 10.0rpm, effectively overcome the traditional Winder low transmission efficiency, noise, high failure rate and other common problems. Having positive and negative counting function and the power and memory function, when it reaches a predetermined number of turns, the device automatically stop and alert information to ensure precise winding turns. In the coiled process, clamping device capable of supplying a predetermined axial and radial clamping force.

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