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Winder noise generated by the "culprit"

"Winder noise very upset" has always been that all users are facing the biggest problem, priority must be the reason and resolve, mainly due to the following four points:

1. Bearing Fault

Bearing Category faults:

. a Rolling: fatigue spalling, wear, plastic deformation, corrosion, gluing and cage damage.

. b bearing: Bus alloy loose, damaged bus alloy, the bearing housing with the looseness and bearing clearance too big.

2. Misalignment

Neutral machine is important because it increases the rotational force exerted on bearings and seals abnormal stress. Misalignment types are: parallel misalignment, angular misalignment, the parallel and angular misalignment.

Typical misalignment is mainly caused by the following reasons: inaccurate assembly original parts, such as motors, pumps and the like; the relative position between the original components after installation of mobile; distorted because of pressure piping systems caused by deformation; torque caused due flexible support distorted; machines deformation caused by temperature changes; the axis is not perpendicular to the coupling surface; the ground is too flexible, tighten the fixing bolt when the machine moves.

In fact, most cases are axial misalignment and angular misalignment parallel misalignment combination. General principle is: the diagnosis should be based on the axial and vertical (or horizontal) direction with increasing speed 1X, 2X vibration level changes at the corresponding judge. For gear couplings, vibration is generally believed that the presence of the following characteristics:

. a cause of adverse harmonic vibration component of the rotor 2, the more severe misalignment, the greater the proportion of 2 harmonic components;

. b misalignment amount and the inner coupling damping, the greater the magnitude of harmonic vibration;

. c vibration amplitude generated by misalignment, increases as the speed rises;

d. bending vibration caused poor in 2,4,6,8 ... and so there is an even harmonic component of the vibration frequency, and the bending vibration near the bearing at the coupling bearing amplitude greater than the amplitude at the coupling away ; torsional vibration 1,3,5,7 ... and so there is an odd harmonic frequency components of vibration, bending vibration near the bearing coupling at the far smaller than the amplitude at bearing amplitude coupling.

3. Mechanical looseness

Since the loose will have a very significant 1X base frequency peaks. In practice, there are two types of loose: rotating and non-rotating loose loose. Bearing wear may cause rotating loose, this fault will be detected when detecting the first signs of bearing wear, and then to appear bearing loose. When clearance issues slide bearings, the rotation will show very similar characteristics loose on its spectrum: the emergence of a strong 1X harmonics. In most cases, the vibration in the vertical direction thereof is higher than the vibration in the horizontal direction. For loose structure (elastic foundation) non-rotating loose, loose between the machine and the foundation will make it 1X minimal vibration in the direction of increased rigidity, generally in a horizontal direction, and also depends on the installation and layout of the machine.

Loose both may lead to other problems may also be caused by the machine for other failures, deformation and wear of mechanical parts, shaft misalignment, imbalance and loose influence each other. Loose because of vibration caused mostly in the low-frequency vibration, generally 1000Hz or less, the vibration frequency usually turn frequency or turn fractional frequency harmonics and higher harmonics.

4. Quality imbalance

The so-called imbalance that is a non-normal state do not coincide quality and geometric centerline caused. When the winding machine spindle, the "center of gravity" generates a centrifugal force acting on the bearing, the size of the force with the rotation of the spindle and stable change. There are three types imbalance: Static imbalance or unbalanced force, torque imbalance or even imbalance and dynamic imbalance.

Winder machine spindle unbalanced representation of the spectrum: for the sine wave; circular or elliptical orbits; 1X frequency based; radial (horizontal and vertical) vibration based; amplitude with increasing speed increases; through the critical speed resonance peak; cantilever rotor imbalance horizontal and vertical axial vibration are great. Further, if the center of rotation pulleys, gears, bearings or the rotor eccentricity deviation from the geometric center line occurs.

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