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Winder operating taboo issues, you can make?

No matter what kind of machine, in use, can not be perfect, a variety of problems is bound to follow, it is difficult to completely avoid. Winder nor outside the case, there will inevitably be winding machine manufacturers at the time of the operation Winder basic operational problems, but some are in need of special taboo, in the event of its consequences would be particularly troublesome. Following on from Nantong Friends of Teng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. to present to you a detailed presentation Winder taboo issues in use.

Winder is specially wound coil equipment. When operating, the hand shake the handle, the large gear rotated to drive the small gear (speed ratio l: 4 or 1: 8), the pinion drive shaft to rotate. Winding mode is fixed at both ends of the fastening nut. In addition there is a vertical screw ring gear driven counter, the count indicates the ring gear speed that corresponds, thereby recording coil turns. When winding wire rack withdrawn from the discharge line, one end of which is fixed at one end of the winding mode, you can start winding.

Winder Operation taboo as follows:

(1) turns neatly to prohibit scattered arrangement. (2) Prohibit wound suddenly loose suddenly tight, forced to be uniform. (3) Note the wire tension should be appropriate, prohibit too large or too small.

(4) when the winding spirit to concentrate, turns to the right. Prohibit winding turns wrong.

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