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How to reduce the winding of the defective products?

          In |operation processing |winding machine |, often has the problem occurred adverse, coil winding forming defects, these products production increased production unit labor cost and copper wire material inputs, many production units are to want to reduce the coil defective products produced, starting from the production process and equipment debugging section, we first talk about the causes of bad coil. The skeleton in the winding process and wire diameter, skeleton and clamp are matching, these matching include throughout the size and the winding parameter. In some specific type of framework, mechanical design and machining process usually meet the size cannot be measured or cannot be measured precisely conditions, these conditions will cause during winding arising in the process of installation error and cable mobile beat, these errors are the cause of bad coil production.

          | Winding machine | tooling should be nearly can meet the highly matching principle, from the structure process of the skeleton to fully consider its location, in the process of winding clamping characteristics to avoid bad products caused by non coincidence of reference; on the other hand, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the winding machine, the need for need to adjust the components often error correction, lubricating moving parts timely, regularly test the operation precision winding machine is also necessary maintenance method.

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