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Circuit analysis of electrical equipment common fault

Winding machine such as  electrical equipment  cannot do without the comprehensive combination of mechanical, electrical components, accessories, mechanical failure of these devices, we can through the common touch, hearing, etc. replacement method of equipment maintenance and fault simple exclusion, cause circuit fault occurs and removal method is more complex, general need investigation using the test instrument and other tools, this paper mainly analyses the causes of the common faults of our circuit:

Our common equipment electrical wiring short circuit fault occurs, the reason of equipment fault has common happen mechanical damage, be affected with damp be affected with damp of insulation damage, insulation, insulation aging metamorphism, over voltage, wire and cable overheat fault and so on, the device used to avoid overload operation for a long time, because the equipment line insulation performance degradation caused by fever, for the exposed electrical wiring for the appropriate protection, because long-term suffering from materials such as oil, chemical corrosion protective layer cause failure, insulation to reduce the triggering circuit malfunction, this type of failure in old equipment are common;Electrical component part function failure, this kind of failure is usually due to component failure points, can through power supply, signal and execute component is valid from hand screen, such as winding machine has the electricity, no action wiring system, then we can begin with wiring system of power supply part given;Electrical wiring of the bolt is also our common fault, line due to external force, loose coupling, factors such as oxidation layer connection point will remind the break line fault equipment.When screening must first from the large loop of equipment, connect have in common is valid as the screening point.

Circuit fault and there are many, in order to effectively avoid equipment, there is an electrical fault in the usual should pay attention to when using, in accordance with the requirements for equipment of electrical reasonable use, not to hang on for a long time. Electric equipment, need not when to cut off the power supply in time, develop good habits, can reduce the occurrence of equipment failure rate.

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