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| Automatic winding machine | FAQ four big problem analysis and resolution of specific maintenance methods

| Automatic winding machine | several problems often occur in use, there are four: the flatness of polar ----- ----- ----- laps wound wire. Automatic winding machine disconnection problems are common in life, then what is the cause of it mainly for the following reasons?:

.A.Wire barrel placement is incorrect: the bottom of the large barrel drum line did a good pad, when winding line at the bottom of the barrel stuck caused scattered damage wire barrel shroud barrel mouth.

B.Tension setting bad: the winding tension is set too high (when winding disconnection), the hook thread tension is set too high (when linked to disconnection).

C.Use on spring tension mechanism does not apply to: line will pull off the spring force wire. Or bad cut line agencies: line cut but did not grip, a start-tails pulled off.

D.Bushing and hook line sets the wrong place: bushing set flush with the hook line, and even shorter (bushing push badly worn groove or push button). After the line is not completely linked to the introduction of indexable when opening line sets the hook line Guaduan.

.E.Hook line stroke swing angle wrong: stroke swing angle is small, the line will be exposed hook hook opening line sets the upper line of the launch will be broken or scratched. Stroke swing angle is too large, the next line will be exposed hook hook opening line sets the lower line of the launch will be broken or scratched. (Linked to the winding angle setting bit big. Small-related)

F.Improper parameter setting procedure: Winding the hook angle is too large, the line will pull into the lead mold parting line clamped. Winding speed too fast acceleration, indexing hook line too fast, and with the bad.

G.Indexing change: indexable shaft bearing is bad, bad plane bearing clamping mechanism, not adjusted balance winding mold, winding sets of mold in the center of a high hook line did a good tune (fork bearing bad, fork shaft bearing gear wear, gear fork pulley bearing wear resulting in mold center tune bad). When indexing by external rotor resistance, position changes, wound break on steel. Where d is the solution: Adjust the bushing and set the hook line distance (bushing length shall be set over the hook line length 1-2mm).

There are several factors that influence the number of turns:

1, The machine settings: more careful when a winding-division multiple segments to complete; it may affect non-stop climbing;

2, The closing line approach:

3, Machine failure: abnormal noise, turn the uneven (non-setting of faster or slower)

Equipment problems:

A, The machine is running instability, there is shock swing -------- equipment repair and maintenance.

B, Winding shaft and machine shaft misalignment, while rotating swing --------- installation unreasonable, Axis did not do.

C, The outlet nozzle is too large, the line can not swing freely ---------outlet mouth in a wide range appropriate.

D, Spool size plastic shell holes do not match, the gap is too large, rotating plastic shell there shaking ---------- tools and materials are not regularly maintained with automatic winding machine reads as follows:

① Wiping automatic winding machine. The timely removal of automatic winding machine stands outside dust, sludge. Such as dusty environment, the best cleaning once a day.

Check and wiping automatic winding machine terminals. Check the wiring junction box screws are loose, burns.

③ Check the fixed portion of the screw, including anchor bolts, cap screws, bearing cap screws. Tighten the nut loose.

Check the transmission. Check the pulley or coupling for cracks, damage, is firmly installed; its feeder belt buckle is intact.

⑤ Automatic winding machine boot device, but also a timely external wiping dust, dirt, wipe contacts, check the wiring part has traces of burning, the ground wire is good.

⑥ Inspection and maintenance of the bearing.

Check the insulation condition. Insulation capability because of the insulating material varies the degree of drying, so keep the motor winding drying is very important.

In addition to the above content several automatic winding machine for regular maintenance, overhaul once a year to run..

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