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| Automatic winding machine | in the process of winding, you need to pay attention to which areas?

Self-adhesive | coil winding machine | is an advanced mechanical products, and such products have been numerous manufacturers of trust and support. Because such products can reduce a lot of manpower and material consumption, but also has good speed winding to control, winding efficiency of the control is also very good, it got so many people support and trust. Into all these years in which we should be a clear understanding of such equipment.

The following simple and tell you about the self-adhesive coils | Winder | When using what needs attention:

1: Thin wire winding speed must not be too slow or too fast, you need to start slowly, so as to avoid the winding process in the line to pull off.

2: In the course of the winding also requires an appropriate increase in the smoothness of the surface of the machinery, thereby maintaining not the slightest influence on the course of the winding.

3: In the process of aluminum around, we must try to control the winding speed, because the aluminum wire in the winding process is very easy to open, so that only this can ensure the integrity of the line to complete the action by controlling the speed. These are summarized in several aspects of small series, we want to use self-adhesive coil winding machine late have some help.

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