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| Coil winding machine | safety technology rules

Coil winding machine, also known as foil winding machine, coil winding transformer foil special equipment, coil winding machine adopts automatic reactor cold welding foil around the machine PLC automatic control step less speed regulation system, photoelectric Automatic hydraulic correction system, automatic welding institutions and other control functions. Ensure the quality of welding transformer winding foil to make a significant reduction in the loss of the transformer, its performance parameters have reached the leading level in the domestic industry. The device uses hydraulic discharge head sizing mechanism easy to operate, and effort. Foil tensioner two tranches with independent control accurate and convenient, being around, stop, unwinding can maintain the necessary tension to ensure tight coil. Tension between layers of paper using the air shaft, magnetic clutch and other advanced equipment, refueling, tension adjustment quick and easy. Automatic welding mechanism, the speed is automatically adjusted to ensure the efficient and reliable equipment. Proper operation of good coil winding machine, must strictly follow the safety rules coil winding machine technology to operate, as follows:

A: The operator must undergo training to master coil winding machine structure, performance, familiar with the rules before they operate independently.

Two: before the operation, the provisions of the PPE dressed, always have a "safety first" ideology.

Three: dangerous portion of the coil winding machine to set clear warning signs or disabled, in addition to specialized equipment coil winding machine operator, other personnel may not close.

Four: the boot should be checked before each device is intact and reliable. Such as controllers, protection devices, brakes and other major attachments, if invalid, prohibited start operation, and promptly notify the professional maintenance.

Five: each operating system and device load testing, inspection equipment, foot switch is sensitive, reliable, and can be carried out to confirm the coil winding work properly.

Six: During operation, the equipment used in strict accordance with the instructions to focus, to concentrate on the operation, to prevent operating errors.

Seven: When two or more operations, to be co-ordinated, coherent, something greet each other, non-individual actions.

Eight: :equipment failure should immediately stop operation, turn off the power, and the report and workshop leader specializing service personnel; eligibility is confirmed before re-operation after overhaul.

Nine: good wound coil should be required to place carefully arranged; work in a timely manner when cleaning and maintenance equipment.

Ten: When using argon fluoride welder, grounding wire must be connected and reliable, you must check the cooling water running before welding, wear protective equipment when necessary welding (gloves, masks, goggles prevention, etc.).

Eleven: comply with "gas welding and cutting safety codes of practice" oxygen welding.

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