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What the industry needs to use a ring Winder?

Toroidal winding machine and winder mean almost linear object is to wound a machine-specific work piece. Most of those who need to use enamelled copper electrical products (referred to as enameled wire) wound into a coil, or you need to use the ring Winder Winder.

For example: a variety of motors, fluorescent lamp ballasts, transformers of various sizes, televisions and other electronics, the transformer industry, and in the week, inductors, line output transformer (FBT), electronic ignition, radio with mosquito on the high voltage coil, speakers, headphones, microphones, voice coil, etc. These products are needed in the coil winding machine to ring around. Multi-purpose cotton yarn textile industry, a variety of man-made fiber lines winding yarn for textile machine group, Magenta these need to use a toroidal winding machine around. Common toroidal winding machine winding enameled copper wire, mostly (wound electronic and electrical products, inductors), textile threads (winding spindles spinning machine, the line group), as well as electric appliances with wound The hotline and solder wire, wires, cables, etc.

Category Circular winding machine variety, classified according to their use, can be divided into general-purpose and special-purpose; universal by a number of lines or install a variety of frameworks for winding winding machine.

Common universal ring Winder are: equipped with a circular about the axis is called "single-head machine", according to such a heap of "double-headed machine" three machines "......" 6 machine . "

Square transformer winding transformer dedicated machine;

A square dedicated transformer - (thin dedicated machines, thick lines dedicated machine)

2, toroidal transformer dedicated - (macrocyclic machine, Central machines, small ring machine)

3. Other types of transformers special transformer winding machine process requirements:

(1) can be done to close the line and down the line of control, to work in close line status;

(2) In the course of the entire operation requires a stable tension pendulum;

(3) an immediate implementation of the parking brake action.

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